Backstage With Girlie Montes

Do you know your body shape?

This month we are featuring a long time client of Rebekah’s and her successful battle with breast cancer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Girlie Montes, a resident of Dubai for 3years, was diagnosed with IDC Grade 3 breast cancer in October 2015. Recently we interviewed Girlie about her battle with cancer and what helped her remain strong.

Are you a regular client of Rebekah’s Bespoke Tailoring?

Yes, this is the second time I got a dress made there. The first time was in 2016, during my cancer treatment.

What’s your favorite part of getting a dress made at Rebekah’s?

I just love being there because the shop is very nice. For me, when I go there it feels like home because everyone is so warm and welcoming including Jessy Rebekah, Anna Carshagen, and Master Tailor Paul Tulalian.

The first dress you made with Rebekah’s, you mentioned that it was during your cancer treatment?

Yes, when I got this dress made, I was bald. I didn’t have any hair at all. I was very self-conscious , but I saw some pictures on the internet of bald women wearing dresses. They are bald, but they look so nice. And then I tried it myself. It was my first time wearing a dress without hair. But it felt good especially when I was around my African friends. I thought I was like them as they are very fashionable.

Going through that process is tough. What helped you remain

strong and keep your faith, knowing everything would be ok?

I had amazing support from my families and friends though none of them had experience with breast cancer.I began to seek God and asked Him to help me because I was so scared of cancer, chemotherapy & surgery.

In November 2015, Girlie’s faith increased as she believed God would be with her throughout her treatments. Girlie continued to work full time and although she did not have enough money to pay for the treatment herself, she received numerous gifts
from her friends, relatives, local charities, her employer and unexpected people.

I realized at that time, God changed something in me. I went through the treatments, holding His promises that He would be with me.

During the treatment, God showed me His love through the people around me. Friends came to minister to me, pray for me, and comfort me. It’s like He showed me His love and compassion
through others. And I understand that love must be given to other people who were also receiving treatment.

So every time I went to the hospital I didn’t stay in my room. I went inside rooms talking & praying with other patients. Not only did it encourage them, but it really encouraged me too.

I was not focusing on cancer because God told me that He would go with me. Even the first day of chemotherapy, as the first drip went through my veins it was very painful. It was like a fire burning inside my body, it changed my taste buds, I started throwing up and my hair fell out all at once in the room. However, I just thanked God the whole time and my faith grew knowing that I would be okay.

For those who are still going through or battling cancer do you have any advice for

them? Words of strength or encouragement?

When I see people who are still struggling with cancer, I want them to know God loves them so
much. We cannot just depend on our own strength to fight cancer. We have to depend on God. Through this journey, He changed me and the way I see things around me. He changed everything. I have no fear even now.

So now you are cancer free?

Yes! My body responded well to the chemotherapy. After surgery, the pathologist report said that they could not find anything in the tissue and doctors declared me as cancer free. Even though I was declared cancer free, I still went through radiotherapy to complete the treatment.

The doctors were so impressed and happy with the results of the lab tests and scans and so was I as well as my family and friends who stood by me during the treatment.

Now that you are cancer free, you got a second custom-made dress from Rebekah’s.

This new dress is pink in color following the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What does it mean to make it through your battle and now have a dress to commemorate that?

The pink dress to me means love to oneself and to others; it represents friendship and affection.

The meaning itself is significant to my journey of how I overcame cancer with the people around me. And as I said a while ago, when I was in the hospital I didn’t stay in my room, I went inside rooms talking with other patients. One day, I realized I was building friendships with them. The more I see them the more I feel the compassion and love to pray for them and tell them that there’s always hope. Even now I still remember them.

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