Beat the Heat – This Year’s Summer White Dress

Beat the Heat – This Year’s Summer White Dress

Summer is coming. That’s right – those hot sticky humid days that we all love to hate. As we prepare for scorching hot temperatures and humid conditions with plenty of water and the modern comforts of AC, let’s not forget that one of the keys to surviving the summer months is having the right wardrobe!

There are several tips for surviving a Dubai summer when it comes to your wardrobe, such as opting for head coverings to keep cool, straying away from tight fitted clothing and avoiding metal zippers as they tend to heat up fast. Wearing light, loose, fitted clothing that covers your skin has been helpful for many. Below are some examples of white dress ideas to keep you cool this summer.


 Wrap Dresses 

Naturally flattering for any figure, wrap dresses are a great way to stay cool in the summer while still being stylish. There are many variations that you can have whether long or short, ruffle sleeves, or shirtdress style.

Crochet Lace Shift Dress 

This style is great for covering up while still enabling airflow to keep you cool. Straight silhouette styles are comfortable all day accompanied by wedges or a strappy sandal.

Shoulders Out

Whether it’s sleeveless, one shoulder or off-the-shoulder these styles are classic for summer dresses. Add flare with ruffles, spaghetti straps, and belts.

Maxi Dress

If you are looking for something casual, comfortable and stylish to run errands in opt for a Maxi style.

Cocktail Dress 

Just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean that you can’t create the perfect head-turning dress for those evening parties. Figuring hugging styles are doable in Dubai’s summer heat with the right fabric choice such as linen.