Dressing For Your Body Shape

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Fitting & Design

Do you know your body shape?

Knowing your body shape is key when picking out clothing to flatter your figure. In reality, most women don’t fit into one category, but exhibit characteristics of at least two. This is where the confusion sets in. Not only is it difficult to determine your particular body shape, but it’s easy to get lost in the maze of terminology. Is it a fruit, triangle, or letter? Not to worry, figuring out your body shape is a lot easier than first imagined! One way to determine your shape is measure your defining parts.
One way to determine your shape is measuring your defining parts.

There are 5 main body types with some variation depending upon who you talk to. However, you might find yourself fitting in more than one category

  • Shapely on Top (also known as Inverted Triangle or V shape) – Characterized by broad shoulders that are significantly wider than your hips and waistline
  • Hourglass (also known as X shape) – Hips and shoulders are similar widths (they don’t have to be exact), with a well defined waistline.
  • Curvy at the Bottom (also known as Triangle, Pear or A shape) – Identified by a well defined waistline with hips that are significantly wider than the shoulders.
  • Rounded Figured (also known as Oval, Apple, or T shape) – Described by a heavier torso with thin legs. Shoulders and hips have the similar widths (they don’t have to be exact) and the waistline is the same or wider.
  • Straight Figured (also known as Rectangle or H shape) – Shoulders, hips, and waist are similar widths (they don’t have to be exact).If you are still having trouble figuring out your body type, click here for different ways and more tools.
After figuring out your shape, it’s time to get clothes that flatter your body!
  • If you are Shapely on Top:

Look For: v-necks, slim skirts, long sleeves, color and print towards the bottom.

Avoid: horizontal designs, empire waistlines, and ruffles at the neckline.

  • If you have an Hourglass shape:

Look For: Loosely belted dresses or sheaths, straight chemises, monotone color

scheme straight skirts, dresses, and sportswear.

Avoid: snug waistlines on skirts or pants

  • If you are Cury at the Bottom:

Look For: Shoulder pads, sweetheart necklines, details at the neckline, warm

colors above the waist, cool colors at the bottom, long sweaters vests or jackets.

Avoid: side pockets, busy details, light colors on the bottom

  • If you have a Straight Figure:

Look For: full blouses, loose belts, wrap dresses, simple lines, v-necks and thin


Avoid: full tops and bottoms worn together, belted dresses in stiff fabrics, bulky


  • If you have a Rounded Figure:

Look For: skirts, dresses, dark tops, lighter bottoms, details at the shoulder

Avoid: tight tops over full skirts, details at the waist


With the summer heat still going strong, dresses provide an attractive yet comfortable solution. There are many trends this summer including of the shoulder, ruffles, robe styles, and over the shoulder patterns. However, it’s important to figure out which trends work well with your body shape. Rebekah’s Bespoke Tailoring is here to help you create your summer perfect dress!
For more detailed information about dressing for your body shape in other styles, click here.